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Part # HH-Pic-100

This covert picture camera features Hi-Res 550 lines of resolution, 0.05 lux low light ability and very responsive auto exposure control. The camera is cleverly hidden in the artwork. The lens provides a wide, but undistorted 92 degree field of view. The high quality Sony DSP CCD Chip camera lens is only a small opening  which blends well for near indefectibility. Runs on 12 volts DC, draws 125 milliamps. 11X14 Frame with 8X10 or 11 X 14 matted picture. CALL, with you picture or color requirements. We are happy to assist you to match your decor.


Hanging Wall Print and Frame Covert Camera B/W
Qty: Price: $189.00

Hanging Wall Print and Frame Covert Camera Color
Qty: Price: $239.00
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