History of Spy Cameras

Spy cameras have been used for years. Their first appearance in public was in the year 1983 when Kodak finally published a model capable of recording images to be secretly transmitted to a receiver. Even though it is believed that the government might have used technology resembling spy cameras before the year 1980 for espionage purposes, this hasn't been successfully proved.

Since the year 1983, espionage has changed enormously. Spy cameras have been transforming to become smaller and lighter - to the point that a spy camera might be hidden in a Pocket Ink Pen!

The major advance of spy cameras in modern espionage is the ability to wirelessly transmit information to a receptor. Before, spies had to rely in cables to supply the camera with an ongoing stream of energy and the actual information back to the receptor. Spy cameras today are able to use rechargeable batteries which may last for days.

Throughout the last two decades, spy cameras have been used for a huge diversity of purposes. Find out more at the Spy Camera Articles of this website.