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Spysure PC Monitor

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You're not always around to look over your child's shoulder when they surf the web. You've heard the horror stories; perhaps you even know a youngster who's been victimized by a cyber predator. Spysure uses the latest technology to watch what happens on your child's computer when you can't. It records all emails and chat messages, keeps a list of websites visited, and captures screen shots at regular intervals. The PC monitoring device can be set to operate in stealth mode so that no one but you will know it's watching.
SpySure PC Monitor
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  • Internet Monitoring – see every website accessed.
  • Email Capture – read every email sent or received.
  • Keylogger – records every keystroke made on the computer, including passwords.
  • Chatroom Monitoring – every chatroom message sent or received using popular programs like 
  • Yahoo and MSN can be viewed.
  •  Internet Blocker– stop access to any websites you choose
  • Screen Capture –instant snapshots of what is being viewed on the screen at any time can be taken.
  • Stealth Mode - monitor computer activity secretly.

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