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Spy Cobra - The next generation of computer surveillance systems is here!

Like its namesake, this little gadget is quick, deadly and hard to catch. In just 15 seconds it uses the latest technology and a USB port to install software that's undetectable by most spy ware programs. Then you just slip it in your pocket and walk away. When you return to plug it in again, it will have logged keystrokes and websites visited. It also will provide screenshots taken at regular intervals, all for you to put on your own PC and examine at your leisure. SpyCobra's 1GB memory can be used to transfer 8,000 to 10,000 screenshots and an immense text log.

Features: 1 GB will store up to 8-10 thousand screenshots and practically unlimited text log Data is stored locally so cobra is used only to move temporary data before moving it to your PC to read and review.

Specifications: Works with XP, Vista, Vista Sp1
1 GB memory
Undetectable by most of anti spy ware software
Record screens snapshots
Monitor real-time activity
Locally stored data is strongly encrypted with unique key for each device

PC Monitor - SpyCobra
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