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Recommend Internet Network Diagram (for DSL / Cable user)

1. Recommend to use Static IP address for NZE DMRS system.
2. Recommend Direct connect from your DSL / Cable Modem to NZE DMRS System.


If you have home/office network, and must share Internet connection...
There are two ways to make the setup easier:

1. You have Multiple IP address (more than 1 IP address)...

Try to make connection like this:

DSL / Cable Modem
netZeye System Your Router

Assign one IP for your NZE DMRS system.
Another one IP for your Router.

2. If you only have 1 IP address.

DSL / Cable Modem
netZeye System other PCs...

You need to assign one IP address for your Router...

And, you need to open Router configuration page.
Forwarding Some Ports and redirect to your NZE DMRS system.

Please check How to Access Multicam thru Linksys Router in the knowledge base. (for example)



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