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HomeSpy's GPS Trackers

HomeSpy offers two types of GPS trackers:

  • Real Time or Active Trackers: These GPS trackers provide you the ability to monitor or track the devices location remoteley over the internet in real time andhistorically or passively. Please note, the ability to monitor actively in real time usually requires an additional fee to maintain the service.

  • Historical or Passive Trackers: These GPS trackers record their historical locations in the devices internal memory and allow you to retreive the record of locations from the device at a later time.

  • Link to an article on GPS jammers.

Real Time Active GPS Trackers
real time active GPS tracker monitor remotely on internet


The Conan Tracker

The first REAL TIME GPS tracker with NO SEPARATE FEES. Monitor remotely on the internet!

now $ 299.95

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real time active GPS cell phone tracker monitor remotely on internet

# HH-KP9901

Covertly monitor all of the activities on a cell phone. Log calls, text messages and emails, and track phone location in real time.

now $ 189.95

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Passive Historical GPS Trackers
passive historical GPS tracker records location for later viewing

# Tiny-Tracker

One of the smallest in our line of historical trackers.

The Tiny Tracker is one of the smallest passive GPS units available.

now $ 198.00

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passive historical GPS tracker records location for later viewing

# HS-ePath

ePath, a passive GPS logger.

Goes anywhere - your car, back pack. Get 120 hours of data, logging up to 262,000 waypoints in its internal memory.

now $ 179.95

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