Need Help Building Your First CCTV Security Camera System!

Home Spy has the CCTV security camera system for you. Choice of 4, 8, 9 and 16 systems, Or call 1.800.586.9575 for custom package just for you!

Are you new to CCTV or looking for help with your first system?

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Portable And Pocket Digital Video Recorders

We have many selections of mini digital recorders. Choose from internal memory, non removable and SD card memory. All with internal video inputs. Options on the different models are LCD screen, audio inputs and output. Some are very small. Choose from 5 volt or 12 volt DC power. Even totally battery power. and power outputs. These models will change very often as the manufactures update to the latest technology. So, return often. As always, should you not see what you need. Call our security consultants for the newest units that have not made this page yet.


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