CCTV Modulators - Allows Security Camera To Be Biewed On Television.


HMM-10H, Holland Agile Cable/Antenna Audio-Video Mini-Modulator

Big Performance Modulator in a Tiny Package

Microprocessor controlled agile circuitry * Digital Channel Display * 25dbmv output * Field programmable as UHF-ONLY with range from 14-69, or CABLE-ONLY with range of 65-135**

* Extremely compact size: 3(w) x 1-1/8 (h) x 3-3/4 (d) * Easy UP-DOWN channel tuning * LED channel readout * Memory backup * Complete with AC power supply.

**Excluding channels 95-99 (A-1 to A-5) One model for either UHF or CABLE!

A CCTV Video Modulator is all that you need to start monitoring your camera on an analog TV. These modulators will "condition" your analog (or pre-digital) TV so that the picture will be displayed, while enhancing the video quality of your system.

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Holland Agile Cable/Antenna Audio-Video Mini-Modulator
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