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New Design 2017

Listening Devise. SE5000 Hear birds at 100 Yards.

Super Ear Sound Enhancer

What binoculars do to improve your vision, the Super Ear does to increase your ability to hear the sounds around you - outdoors, indoors, in virtually any situation where enhanced sound can increase your enjoyment. The Super Ear boost your hearing with a powerful 50 decibels of sound gain, enabling you to hear what you've been missing. This versatile amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, yet powerful enough to pick up bird calls from 100 yards away. The multi-element mic is mounted in an acoustically engineered sound and swivels 180 degrees.  

Super Ear Set
Qty: Price: $59.95



Listening Devise. Personal Sound Amplifier. SE7500.

New Model and Design 2017

New Improved SuperEar Plus Deluxe

The sleek, new design of the SuperEar Plus personal sound amplifier is ideal for slight to moderately hearing impaired.


New Super Ear Plus increases ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and picks up sounds up to 100 yards away using a multi-element, high sensitivity 90 degree swiveling microphone. Ideal for slightly to moderate hearing impairment, the new improved Super Ear Plus 7500 is perfect for watching television or getting the most from the theater, meetings, lectures, worship services, or simple conversations.

Super Ear 7500
Qty: Price: $79.88


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This new device is the bionic ear with a new twist. Designed for those long distance stake-outs the dish will amplify sounds while the built in monocular will allow you to watch everything all from a safe distance. Best of all this unit has a 12 second record and playback feature with auto-overwrite that allows you to keep a record of the most important dealings. Not just for the average spy this device is also an excellent tool for the nature lover that wants to watch and listen to their favorite animals in the wild without alerting them to their presence.

Bionic Ear w/Playback
Qty: Was 179.00 Sale Price: $119.95



Mini microphone with pre amp. Hear voice conversation at 20 feet.

High Performance Microphone #MIC1000

With the on-board preamp, you’ll get crystal clear audio reception! The small size makes it perfect as a lapel microphone. Runs on 6-12 VDC. Includes 6’ Power Audio Cables.

Qty: Price: $29.95






Shot Gun Mics are the very best for pin pointing a voice from far away!

Shotgun Microphone

This system consists of a specially modified Shotgun Mic with a high gain amplifier, developed for picking up sounds from a distance of 100 yards and beyond.  Super directive use.  Can pick up objective sound clearly-even in noisy environments.  ( Mini Recorder Pictured, Case are NOT Included )

Where it will record:

  • The Shotgun Mic is perfectly suited for sound recording on video tape.  It enables you to listen and record voices and sounds that your regular video camera cannot pick up.
  • Ideal for nature and sports recording where you can't make mike your subjects and position them where you want.
  • Allows you to record from a distance in an auditorium, conference room or business meeting without having to mike individuals or the entire room.
    Shot Gun Microphone
    Qty: Price: $119.95







Bionic Ear & Booster . Very good for hearing conversations far away




Magnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful Bionic Ear & Booster pinpointed sound amplifier/listening device. The Bionic Ear increases sound by up to 40 decibels using an omni- directional microphone, a solid-state amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall quality sound reproduction. When combined with the optional 12-inch parabolic Bionic Booster, the Bionic Ear becomes highly directional, allowing you to easily locate the source of sounds and suppress background noises.
     Hear mere whispers at incredible distances. Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward a distant conversation for surveillance or personal safety. Record bird calls and other sounds with the recorder output jack. The Bionic Ear & Booster is the only pinpointed amplifier of its size available to the consumer market. Uses include surveillance, law enforcement, personal security, search & rescue, hunting, hard-of-hearing, wildlife observation, outdoor adventures, camping, bird watching, and much more.

Bionic Ear with Booster
Qty: Price: $269.95


Professional Parabolic Microphone




This new designed parabolic microphone is a high performance unidirectional microphone perfectly suited to the requirements of the Motion Picture and Broadcasting Industries, monitoring, and other professional applications, such as spy, security and surveillance. Because of its special design, it is capable of picking up and magnifying signals up to 75 times that of a normal omni-directional microphone while remaining virtually impervious to overload. It is the most professional equipment for the industry. Product molding may vary, from clear to black ABS or metal. Tripod not included!
Professional Parabolic Microphone
Qty: Price: $549.00






Audio Jammer. Best used to jam microphones in meeting and board rooms.


Audio Jammer

Our audio jammer protects room conversations where sensitive information information may be exchanged by generating a random masking sound which desensitizes any microphone that is near. This jammer is effective against any microphone based eavesdropping device including tape recorders, RF transmitters, hard wired microphones and shotgun microphones.

Audio Jammer
Qty: Was 249.00 Sale Price: $149.95



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