What is De-Interlace function?

De-Interlace is a new feature support by Multicam 5.401.

It will reduce the interlace line when display is using 640x480 camera resolution.


After De-Interlace

Requirement:)   You need at least 64MB Video Card, suggest to use ATI Radeon 7000 or higher.

  How to Enable it?
1 First, change your camera display resolution to 640x480

Stop all monitoring first,

Stop all Network Service


Go Config button,


2 Go to Video Source,

Change to 640x480
3 Go Config Button again,

Go System Configuration

4 Enable De-Interlace


Click OK to finish setting.

  Trouble Shooting.
1 If you see your video is getting Scramble, you need to update your Video Card Driver to the latest one. Or, you need to change to a quality one.

For instance, if you are using ATI Radeon 7000, driver version should be 6387. Do not use the driver CD to setup, because usually that is pretty old driver version.


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