Knowledge Base: RPB Port (default: 5066)

How to Enable RPB Server (Remote Playback Server)?

How to use RPB Client (Remote Playback Client) ?

1. Enable RPB Server

2. Connect with RPB Client

Enable RPB Server

  Enable RPB Server on the Main DVR system
1 Find the program first....

go -> Start -> Programs -> Multicam ->
Remote Playback Server

2 This is Remote Playback Server

Click Option from the Menu bar.

Go Setup

3 Check Auto Run box
(if you want to automatic load when windows is start)

Type your ID and password
(suggest supervisor level)


Click OK when finish setting.

4 Click RPB button to Start the Server


Click Minimize button to Minimize the Server.

(Warning: DO NOT click Close button. If you did, the RPB server will be closed)


  Connect with RPB Client  
1 Install RPB client to your PC.
Run Setup.exe from the SetupCD

Install RPB client into your Remote PC (personal PC, not on the DVR server)

Just click next, until finish the Setup.

2 Find the Program from Start Menu.

Go Start -> Programs -> RemotePlayback -> Remote Plackback Client
3 Click Network logo button,      input Server IP Address, Use ID, and password, and click Connect
4 After login, you should see Time Log as right picture.
5 Select Camera first. (look button)
if you want to download Audio, please click > button, to scroll right as picture showing.

then, Select Date and Time

Click + to expand the tree.

Then, click Download button at the top (arrow Down)


it support 4 mode:

Play only, Download & Play,
Download only........



6 Click Play button to play..
(looks like > button as mouse pointed)
7 If you want to see more, click this button will bring up the time log

the just repeat the step from 5 to 7

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