How to install Remote View and How to use?

1 Please Install Remote View from the Setup CD
  or You can go to our website Download section, download the correct version of RemoteView Setup program.
2 Running Setup program, you just need to follow the step by step.

Go Next until Finish. It should be done.

3 You should find the Remote View software from

Start -> Program -> Multi cam -> Remote View

  How to use?
  RemoteView design for Supervisor watching purpose.
Please Notice this. RemoteView only allow 1 user to access at time.
If you are using WinXPsp1 and cannot see any video picture, please go to our download page to download Patch program.

On the Main System site, please make sure Enable TCP Server
(for the RemoteView).
if you are using 56k Modem to direct connect, please make sure Enable Modem Server
1 After running Remote View software, you should see this picture.

Click Connect button,
Select Internet TCP/IP


if you are using 56k modem to direct connect, please select Dial modem instead.
please make sure main dvr system has modem also.

2 please type your main system IP address.

And, your ID & password.

Click Login. That should be done.



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