What is VNC? (Introduction from the VNC website)
RealVNC is the official home of VNC, staffed by the original team who created and developed it whilst at AT&T.
The mission of RealVNC is to act as the focal point for open source VNC. We are continuing to improve VNC
with our own new features and by evaluating features developed by others in the open source community and
incorporating the best of them into the official codebase. New features and bug fixes will be released on a
regular basis.

VNC Website: http://www.realvnc.com

What is VNC? Simple understanding, VNC is a remote access software.
Most people know the well known Remote Desktop software is Symantec PcAnywhere.

Well, VNC is doing the same thing. But the differences is much much simplify the function from the PcAnywehere.
Only for the Remote Control. But, that is good enough for us to use.

VNC is a Free / Shareware software.. All user must agree to their GNU agreement.
Home Spy is only letting you know about this software. And we are not respond for any data lost, security breach or
Techsupport to it if you decide to use it.

Setup is Simply. Please download from their website first.

1 Run this Setup program
2 Yes to install
3 Click Next
4 Please read GNU agreement

Click Yes to agree

5 Where you want install this program to?

Recommend use Default

C:\Program Files\RealVNC

Click Next

6 Choose Full installation

Click Next

7 Click Next
8 After Setup Complete, it will do these features for you.

Suggest follow same thing as picture present.


Click Next to continue

9 Ready to Install....


Click Install

10 After Finish Install, you will see this Information


Click Next

11 Completed.


Click Finish.


Please Reboot your system

First Time Running
1 After Successful Install.
You should see this message when windows start.

Don't worry, the error message is normal. It just tell you, you need to setup your password first.

Click OK

2 Then, please setup your password...


Remember, there is no system is secured once you connect your system to the internet.

So, please choose your password wisely.

Click OK when finish

3 Now, Server is launch. Check your taskbar

VNC logo

1 Download VNC Viewer from their website and Install to your local PC  
2 You should see this VNC Viewer... This is the Viewer program

Double Click to run it.

3 Please enter your VNC server IP address
4 After Connect Successful,

you should see password entry....

5 Congratulation,

You are successful connect to VNC.

6 Click Window Red X,
to terminate the VNC connection.
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