How to connect DMRS-GV-Card ,Real-time Display card & Audio card ?

Step 1
GV-650, GV-750, GV-800

Step one: Real-time Display Card Installation
The Geovision real-time display card is designed to work concurrently with your GV series video capture card, therefore, a direct connection between both cards is required. Please use the supplied ribbon cable and connect one end of the cable to the GV capture card, while the other end to the real-timedisplay card as illustrated in the following picture.

Step 2
GV-650, GV-750, GV-800

Step two: Software Setup
1. Plug the GV600V2 card into PCI slot, then specify the driver path to D:\Driver\GV250,600,650,700,750,800 for GV600V2 driver.
2. When finishing installing driver, turn off the PC.
3. Plug the GV-DSP card into the second PCI slot, then specify the driver path to D:\Driver\GVDSP for Real-time Display Card driver.
4. Click Setup.exe to set up GV600 application.

PS: Assuming that the drive D is the CD-Rom drive.


Step 3
GV-650, GV-750, GV-800

Step three: Audio Card Installation
The Audio Extension Card allows you to record audio synchronically with your video. To install the Audio Extension Card simply plug the output cord of the extension card into the audio input connector located on the lower right corner of the GV600 card.

Step 4
GV-650, GV-750, GV-800

Step four: Check Driver Status
After the Real-time Display card and the audio extension card are correctly installed, you may go to "Device Manager" to check the driver status.


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