Setup Tax Info for QS2000

1. Go to QuickSell 2000 Manager first

Do [Database-Sales Tax]

2. On the Tax menu, we have 2 tax - Country and local

We will modify the local-tax to Sale tax @ 10%.

Add an IRS tax @ 5%

3. Use the [Edit] and [New] to add & modify the tax items

Now have the taxes as we wish.


4. We have defined the taxes. Now we have to actually add the IRS tax


[Database-Item Tax]

Add IRS as the 3rd tax.

Check the [Receipt] column

Exit from Manager and go to QuickSell POS

5. Under QuickSell POS, click this icon or hit [F5] function key to generate the Z-report
6. Highlight Z-report and click [OK] to generate the Z-report
7 After the Z-report is done, close all program and TURN-OFF the computer and TURN-ON the computer again.

The new tax will be posted to the cashier station

Receipt before modifications

8   Receipt after modifications


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