QS2000 Installation network version

0. Copy the entire contents of the original Qs2000 CD to QSELL folder under d:
Use Qsell to separate from QS2000 later on. Do it both the Server and POS cashier
  Server Installation Do the Server first before satellite POS cashiers
1. click [My computer] icon to display all the devices under [My computer] We wish to map the C: drive of server
2. Right-click the C: drive Check [Shared as]

check [full]

click [OK] to continue

Now the Server C: drive is shared and can be seen by all the satellite POS cashiers

Now go to the POS cashier to establish the connection between the POS cashier and the Server C: drive

  POS Cashier installation  
1. After boot your POS cashier, password menu appears

User name=POS1

(just press RETURN)

2. On the POS cashier PC, Double-click the [Network Neighborhood]

We saw the Serve and other POS stations connected to the network

Double-click the Server

3. The C: drive of the Server appears

We will re-name it to F: drive for all the other POS cashier

Right-click on the C:

4. This appears

We will map the Server C: drive as F:
5. Now map it as F:

Check [Reconnect at logon]

We complete the network mapping procedure.

Let's install the QS2000 software to the Server

. Install QS2000 to Server  
1. Insert QS2000 CD and it will auto-run move the mouse and wait 0 sec to activate the CDROM
2. Install QS2000 to its default folder

Keep accepting default until you encounter type of Setup menu

3. Choose "Network-Back office"

click [Next] to proceed

4. enter register number=1 for Server


3=POS2    etc

click [next] to continue


5. Continue the installation and the Server will re-boot.

Ignore "there are users connect to the network" message and just go ahead to re-boot.


After re-boot

Create [QS2000 Manager] icon on the desktop of the server

6. First the first time

ID number=1


click [OK] to proceed.

  POS Cashier QS2000 Software Installation  
1. On the POS cashier Go to D:\Qsell\QS2000 Type Setup.exe

Follow the same procedure as Server until

2. For POS cashier choose [Network - POS]

click [next] to continue

3. POS1=2

POS2=3     etc

click [next] to proceed.

4. Under [Network environment] we have to change C: drive to F: which is the mapped drive of Server. (all the data is coming from the mapped drive F:)

If mapped drive is Z, then change C: to Z:

click [Next] to continue

5. now we change to F:

Click [next] to proceed.

6. Keep default folder and setting and proceed.

POS cashier will re-boot

Make a shortcut for the QS2000 POS

7. Done

(rename Qs2000Training CD)

Go to test the POS cashier

double-click [Qs2000 POS] icon

8. Every POS cashier ID & password is the same initially.


Once you get this far, you are connecting to the server fine.

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