How to Setup hardware info inside QS2000

1. You do not setup printer or any hardware info inside Windows
You setup printer or any hardware info inside QS2000 Manager

Go to the sever or stand-alone POS
Click [QS2000 Manager] icon

2. ID=1



3. Once we are on the main menu.
click [Database]-[Register] to edit H/W
4. Register 1 is the Server
Register 2 is the POS1
Register 3 is the POS2

If it is a stand-alone system, then there is only Register 1.

We only need to edit H/w list onto the POS cashier which physically connect to peripherals not the Server.

In this instance, we choose Register 2 first

5. Receipt printer is connected to LPT1 and 40 columns

Star 200 receipt printer

6. Cash drawer is connected to receipt printer.

Kick-out by receipt printer

  For Epson, we need this to kick cash-drawer.
7. Pole Display is connected to COM2 here

Close QS2000 Manager and run QS2000 POS on the stand-alone machine or a satellite POS cashier

Partner tech Pole Display

No need to do Scanner which is connected to keyboard.

Do scale later on


8. When you exit, this message will come out.

If you have any station is running Qs2000 POS, then turn it off and turn it back on to have the hardware taken effect.

No need to re-boot the system


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