1st Transaction for QS2000


1. Click the [QS2000 POS] icon  
2. Main menu appears

Hit [F2] key to start a transaction.

3. List of item appears.

Press [Return] to accept the 1st item.

4. If the item is a Matrix-item, press [OK] to continue.

Otherwise this menu will not appear.

5. The item and it pricing appear on the screen.

Hit [F12] to tender this transaction


6. QS2000 ask us how to pay for this transaction?

Press [Return] to accept cash as the payment method.

7. QS2000 waits for the cash amount
8. Enter 1000.00 as the cash that we received.

Press [Return] to continue
(don't forget the decimal point)

Printer prints out the receipt.

Cash-drawer kicks out

Pole Display shows the balance.

(Make sure turn on the printer)

9. Hit [ESC] key to exit QS2000.

Click [Yes] to exit back to Window.

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