Overlay printed transactions on video

The POSVideo is designed for single register applications on any video system. The POSVideo receives the transaction data from one register through the printer port. The transaction data is converted and superimposed onto the corresponding video of the cashier activity. This combined video and image will be feed to NZE video input..

One POSVideo can be used per terminal/POS station only.

POSVideo Features

Use with any commercial-grade video equipment
interfaces electronic registers and pc-based systems
easy to install and program with a standard touch-tone telephone or PC
  • display stored data on screen for optimal viewing
    alarms up to 20 transaction types
  • nonvolatile memory—settings are saved if a power outage occurs
  • built-in test and demo modes
  • durable metal casing

Works with different register make and model
Backed by a three-year, limited warranty

POSVideo-P - Parallel version     
POSVideo-S - Serial RS232 version  





Layout and connections

This illustration shows how to connect the NZE, POS receipt printer and POSVideo unit together.

The key item is the 3-heads printer cable which links all these 3 devices together.

1. Phone input is for programming only.
If you wish to change the size of the receipt characters, you will need a $10 phone to do it.

2. connect the 3-heads printer cable to the Register connector.

3. Don't forget to plug the power-supply to the 9-volt power input.

Front View
1. Connect the camera to the video-in

2. Connect the video-out to NZE video input.

3. Ignore the 6-pin connectors.


Back View