POS overlay Box Setting for NZE v6.0

Notice:) Please make sure Capture Card software is version 6.0 or later.

POS overlay box is compatible with PC base cash register. Printer need to be TEXT output format. no graphic.
Also, current pos overlay is compatible with Serial Printer. Some of the LPT printer also supported but no guarantees

1. Please make sure your printer model and connection type.
For example, please make sure your printer is Serial Printer or LPT printer? Who makes? General or EPSON printer?

2. Please make sure your cable connect correctly. If you are using 25pin cable to connect, make sure it is Serial printer or LPT printer.
sometimes, they all look the same. If you are using Serial, please make sure you connect to Serial RS-232 connect port on the box.
Do not use Parallel port to connect Serial printer. It doesn't work that way.

3. Please make sure your printer communication speed and signal. Baud rate speed, parity and others.


1 Go Setup button

and click POS Application Setting
2 Create a New POS station map with camera connection
3 Setup as seen.
4 Finish Setting
5 Go to computer device manager, we need to config your com port to correct baud rate.
6 select COM port and change properties
7 change as seen.

Make sure your flow control to Xon / Xoff

  Start to Record at NZE system.

And, Print couple receives from your POS station.

You should see your screen will show the receive text message.

8 Go ViewLog button.

and click System Log


Change to POS1


Double click the Text Line.

for example, Line 5280

9 You should see this.

click Play will play the Video and receive message together.

  Serial Connect Picture Example  
  Usually, printer cable is 9pin for serial.

but if you have 25pin or other types. Please make sure you convert it into 9pin and connect to here.

You need to purchase converter from 25pin to 9pin and 9pin to 25pin two adaptor.

Test connect without the pos overlay box, to see the printing is work or not first.

If print works, then we can proceed to connect pos overlay box.

  Setting for Serial cable is same as on the top (1~9).

The only different are
a. make sure your pos overlay box dip switch is correct.
and b. make sure your printer speed is correct set in the setup. (as picture 3)


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