POS Hardware test under DOS

  Action Comments
1. Cold-Boot the DOS POS test disk  
2. Connect all the peripheral in the right place
Receipt printer, pole display, cash drawer etc
(refer to the peripheral connection knowledge base)
Pole-display on COM2
Receipt printer on LPT1 (378)
3. Test Pole-display
type    polexyz
XYZ   will display on the pole-display
4. type    poleabc abc   will display on the pole-display
5. Test Star receipt printer
type    Shift-F5
Star printer will print 12345 one char at a time
Cashier drawer will kick out

This only work with Star receipt printer.
Epson need other sequence

6. Type      Alt-F-X    exit back to DOS A:   will appear
7. Test bar-code scanner
Position the bar-code scanner over the following barcode (bardcode for FanCard-II)
722137010102       appears
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