How to import Act txt data to Outlook Express    

1. Click   Address book icon

Address Book window appears

Here I create a folder TSM-Groups under Main Identity's Contacts

We now try to import Act txt data

2. Do these

Address import menu appreas

Choose Text file and click [Import]

3. Make sure select *.txt to locate your ACT txt file

In this example we select act-demo.txt and then [Open]
4. Click [Next] to proceed


This first field is the e-mail and the 2nd field is contact

We want to match the 1st field as e-mail to Outlook Express

click the check-box next the e-mail

The match-window appears and locate e-mail

Click [OK] to continue. Make sure [Import this field is checked

we are back to the Map-window, click[Finish] to continue

After export process is done, click [OK] to continue

Click [Close] anc back to OutLook Express
All the e-mail are import to Main Identity's Contacts
Since we did not import name, the e-mail become names too. it is ok because we only want e-mail
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