GView comparability test form

#1 GView can install into the PDA, but canít find the GView program.
#2 Please give user the SmartPhone beta program for testing.

1. GView install only support the Intel StrongARM CPU and the Intel XScale PXA Series CPU.
2. GView program is only able to run in WinCE3.0 and PocketPC 2002/2003.

Why does GView unable to see the camera name?

Ans: There are three reasons that will cause the camera name is unable to be viewed.

1. Version 5.3 GView connect to version 5.21/6.0 server.
2. Version 6.0 GView connect to version 5.21 server.
3. Port 4550/5550 are closed.

Note: It will take about 20 to 30 seconds when version 5.3 GView connect to Version 6.0 server.

G-View comparability test form for Webserver

How to use PDA GView?

Server Setup Steps:
Step1. Check the [Create JPEG/GIF file] column in your DMRS System's WebCam Server Setup.

Step2. Press the [Server Setup] button. Then input the IP address (Domain name) in the [Assign GateWay IP Address] column.

PDA Connect Steps:
Step1. Click the [GView] icon in your PDA to start GView application.

Step2. Click the [Connect] button located at the lower left corner of the screen.

Step3. Input the IP address of the DMRS System you wish to connect to in the [IP Address] column, enter a valid users ID and password then click [OK].

Step4. If login successfully, you will be able to see the video coming to your PDA.

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