DLink Router (DI-604) Configuration for netZeye System
1 Open Internet Explorer
type Address:

by default the password will be

ID: admin
pw: (no password)

After Successful login, you should see main menu.

2 This is Main Menu,


To setup your Internet Access, please go WAN

3 Setup your Internet Access
in Here.

(Remember, we only recommend to use Static IP Address.)



What is the difference between Static and Dynamic?

For example,
Just imaging the TCP/IP like a tele-phone number in our world.
If you want dial a phone to someone, you need to know their number first. Right?

If your are using static IP address, then the number will not change in the Internet world.
Means, you can remember your IP easy and easy to access from anywhere.

What happen if you have Dynamic IP? Then, you need to find out and tell someone about your current IP Address first. Then, someone can access that number to reach remotely. It is more difficulty to access with remote watching program.

4 Forwarding Section...
(Virtual Server = Forwarding)


Go Advance,

and click Virtual Server



How to Modify your exist setting?


Go 1. click Edit button

Go 2. make sure Enable

Go 3. make sure Apply.


5 How to Add a new setting?
Clean all the setting in the input box.


Change the Name

for example,
type RemoteView

Change Private IP:
change to your Local ip position. just an example.

you should type 192.168.0.???


Private to Public
3550 to 3550
80 to 80
4550 to 4550
5550 to 5550
6550 to 6550
5066 to 5066
20001 to 20001

Add these setting into
Virtual Server....
(Note: You only add your need)

Click Apply to add.


6 Make sure Firewall is
allow to ping from outside.
7 Check Status


If your WAN is showing no IP address, then you are not connect to Internet.

Make sure you have IP address in there.

1 If you successful forward your IP, but still see Page cannot be found from your RemotePC. 1. Check your Main System (the DVR), make sure the WebCam Server is turn ON.

2. If your Webcam Server is turn ON, but still cannot show. Possible your ISP is blocking the port 80, not allow customer to share. You need to change port 80 to 2550 instead.

Step 1. go back to Step 6 in this page. Change/Add Webcam number: 2500 to 2550. And Apply

Step 2. go to your Main System, got Network button.
             Disable Webcam Server and ReEnable it again.

Step 3. Look top right, change from Port 80 to 2550 instead.

2 I can see my Webcam page, but Video keeps saying No video, or just show Black. Possible Your Main DVR system Webcam Server setting is not correct.

Step 1. go to your Main System (the DVR), click Network Button.
Disable Webcam and ReEnable again.

Step 2. go Server Setup button, double check your Video GateWay IP, it should be equal to your WAN IP Address

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