How to Connect VPN

Use WinXP to create a VPN connection.
VPN has 3 type of securities: PPTP, L2TP, L2TP + IPSec
We only introduce the easy one PPTP in here...

  VPN security -- PPTP
1 Use WindowsXP

Click Start &

Open Control Panel

Double click Network Connections

2 Create new VPN connection

Click Create a new connection

3 Click Next
4 Select Connect to the network at my workplace


Click Next

5 Select Virtual Private Network connection


Click Next

6 Give a easy understanding name


Click Next

7 If you see this message, select
Do not dial the initial connection


Click Next

8 Type VPN IP address in the field


Click Next

9 Click Finish
10 Now, you just finish half setting

Don't connect it yet.


Click Properties

11 After click Properties

Click Security Tab on the top

12 Select Advanced and

Click Settings

13 Change to Optional Encryption


Select Unencrypted password

Select Challenge Handshake Auth....


Click OK

14 After click OK on #13
You might see a warning message.

Click Yes

15 Now, you back to properties setting.

Click Networking tab

Change VPN type to PPTP VPN


Click Settings

16 Uncheck every boxes

Click OK

17 Click OK to finish
18 Type Username & password

Click Connect

19 Congratulation, If you see two network icons on your taskbar.

You are successful connected to VPN router.

19 On your Desktop,

Double Click
My Network Places


If you don't see this icon, go to Control Panel -> Display -> Desktop -> Customize Desktop      to pull it out.


Check your desktop again.

20 After double click My Network Places.

You should see Left side menu.

Click View workgroup computers

21 Then, you should see your office network computers in here.

Double click the computer to access share.


If you don't see it, please click Microsoft Windows Network as mouse pointed.

You can change to different workgroup

22 How to disconnect it?

Find out your VPN connect icon from the Taskbar.

Right click on the icon,
select Disconnect

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