Connect to Center

1. Please install Center software on your Central location.

2. Setup NZE DMRS system and ready connect to Center.

  This is Center Picture, Make sure it is running


Make sure, Firewall open the port

  Go to DVR system.

Make sure
Stop Recording
, Stop all Network services.

  Go Setup Button (Config button)

Go to System Configuration

  Go to Camera 1


Make sure you check

Sent to Center


so, as other camera you want to sent signal to center....


Click OK when finish setting.

  Then, You are on the Main Screen.


Go to Remote button (or call Network button "3 computer icons")

Click Connect to Center

  type Your Central IP Address in here.
for example,

Login ID: ABCD
password: 1234

Click Login.

On the very right side,
you should see To Center word.

if success login, To Center icon will stay.
otherwise, no stay, it is fail to connect.

(you can add your own one in the center software)


press Record to start monitoring.


At the Center side, you should get the signal automatically.

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