Authorizer Installation & QuickSell 2000 Setup

This is the Authorizer Software

Please install it, after you run it. You should see this picture.

Click Setup button

To making software fully work, you need to register you software to Authorizer company.
Or, you can choose Demo to try it.

Please input all information you need
Please fill in all information

Make sure all ID is correct.

Please fill in all information

This is the phone number place, if you need to dial 9, please add in here too.
3 Click Payment Types

Choose the one you are use

Select Merchant Information

Please input your information here.


Dot or _ or Symbol Character  is NOT ALLOWED.

Make sure Location code is correct.

If you use Soft 56K modem COM3, install driver in the windows first.


In the Windows Modem Setup should show up.


but You don't want to use that, please select
Manual Modem Setup

Choose Other

and, Select correct COM port

6 Make sure everything is fill, click OK to finish  
7 Click Purchase,
type Receipt #, Amount, Card #, Exp#

Exp# is M+Y, for ex, 0305 = 03 2005
no space


Click Process, then it will Dial

If you got Approval message. Congratulation, it works.

If you got Re Enter message, please check your Setup information. Something is not matching in your Setup. Your Authorizer got connect but it bounce back with incorrect input.

If you cannot hear Dial or pickup tone, please check your Modem setting.

Authorizer Engineer recommend use US Robotic Modem

8 Remember, Authorizer only takes Card Reader Track 2 only

If you have reader not no track2, please use Notepad to reprogram it.

Use Notepad to reprogram the Card Reader.
Ctrl + Shift + F10
Follow Menu guiding show on the Notepad, setup to Track 2 only.
  QuickSell 2000 Setting  
1 Open QuickSell Doctor
2 Click OK
3 Click Edit
4 Please Input Field like this on each POS.

if it is standalone, your path is

if your system is POS, and you have server. your path should be
f:\atomic    f:\ is your map drive.

Remember, "each" POS system need to setup QSdoctor like this.


Save & Edit QS2000 Doctor

5 Open QS2000 Manager
6 Select Database & choose
Tender Type
7 For example, select

MasterCard / Visa

choose Edit

8 Make sure
Verify via EDC is checked
  TEST Your Credit Card  
1 open POS cash register program  
2 make a sales & press F12 for checkout  
3 Input Money field into MasterCard/Visa area. Enter  
4 Then, Credit card process dialog will popup.  
Swipe Credit Card, you should get Dialing and Cash draw should pop and Print receipt when success. If you got Invalid Field error message, then You got Card Reader track read wrong.