What to do after new DSL service

1. Make sure that DSL provider gives us static IP address

After our ISP provider established the DSL service for our office, then gave us the IP address information.

Make sure we have:
IP address
IP address mask

In this example, we have to ask and hand-wrote the DNS settings (there are 2 settings for the DNS)

2, There are 2 kind of static IP address (sneaky)
1. You will get 5 static IP for example, but you cannot assign a fix IP to a PC. The DSL router will only randomly assign those 5 static IP to you as it please
2. FIXED IP address -the kind that you can assign to each PC(GET THIS ONE)
Make sure they are publicly-pingable
3. Now we need to go to [Control Panel]

Start-Setting-control Panel

4. Double [Network icon] to enter network setup menu

Highlight your network card pointed by TCP/IP

Then click [Property]

In this example, our network card is Intel Pro/100


5. Once we enter the TCP/IP menu, click the [IP address] tab on the top

If you have a Static IP, then enter here

6. click the [Gateway] tab to enter the Gateway info

After enter the gateway IP, click [Add] to actually add the IP to the system

7. Click [DNS Configuration] tab to enter the 2 DNS address.

click [enable DNS] then type in any name for Host.

Enter your DNS one by one into the [DNS Server Search order] then click [Add] to add

After entering 2 DNS numbers, then click [OK] to exit

Windows will reboot

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