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 Cell Phone Surveillance - iRecovery Thumb Drive


Recovery deleted data from your iPhone

Our new iRecovery drive is a revolutionary new product designed to recover deleted data from Apple iPhones. The iRecovery is a thumb-drive USB device, about the size of a stick of gum, that will help you recover deleted data as well as other data from your Apple iPhone. Simply connect the iPhone to any PC with the cable included with the device and then connect the stick to the same computer through a USB port. Once the two devices are connected; run the built-in software on the drive and recover the data you are looking for with the click of a button.The iRecovery is capable of recovering different types of deleted data including text messages, contacts, call history, and calendar entries. The recovery process will also download the contents of the phone such as contacts, call history, text messages, pictures, and all other user data that can normally be backed up. Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the iRecovery is ideal for professionals who have accidentally deleted important files, employers who have issued iPhones to employees for business purposes, concerned parents, or anyone who may have a need to retrieve a deleted item from an iPhone.

  • Now Supports iPhone 3, 4, 4S, and the New iPhone 5
  • Also Supports iPad 1, 2, 3 and iPad Mini
  • Easily back up your important messages, contacts and more
  • Recover deleted files
  • Easy to use



  • 1 iRecovery
  • 1 Instruction sheet

Spouses, Boyfriends, & Girlfriends
Could they be cheating on you? Text message histories, call history, and other iPhone data can be an excellent way to determine if your significant other is being faithful. Sometimes you just have to know and recovering this type of data may be the only way to find peace of mind.

With the iRecovery Stick, you don't even need the iPhone to know everything that's going on. Simply load the iTunes backup file from a PC and you'll see everything you need including deleted data.


*Please be aware that due to the nature of electronic data storage, it may not be possible to recover all data.

*Please Note: The current version of the iRecovery Stick now supports iOS 6. Also, you must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a recovery.




iPhone Data Recovery
Qty: Price: $168.95



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