How to Remove Your broken IE Webcam Plug-in?

Some people will ask me...
When I use MPEG viewer in the Webcam, why can't I choose Modem or DSL options from the list?
It looks all disable, and keeps telling me DirectX need to be upgrade message.

Possibilities are three:
1. Your PC doesn't have DirectX 8 or higher version, or your IE browser version is too old.
2. You haven't click Yes to install Webcam Plug-in for the IE Webcam program.
3. Your Webcam plug-in has been damaged. Need to be reload it.

Answer 1: Go to Microsoft website and load DirectX8 from there. (Read Microsoft Agreement before you agree to install it)

Answer 2: When the first time access Webcam page, IE will automatically download Webcam Plug-in for you. (see Step 5)
You need to click Yes to install plug-in, else you won't get any image at all. Also, if you have some Firewall program, it will prevent you to receive the plug-in program. If you do, please disable the firewall program when install the plug-in.

Answer 3: This is how you remove the plug-in.

1 Please Close all the program first.
2 Go to Control Panel

If you use Win98/2000,
go Start -> Setting -> Control Panel.

If you use WinXP,
go Start -> Control Panel.


Go to Internet Options

2 Click Settings
3 Click View Objects...
4. If you do see,
PPB control...
WebCamX control...
or Unknown.....


Please highlight and press delete key to remove it.
(notice: Home Spy is not respond for any plug-in program losses)

Then, close all the windows until the desktop.

5 Now, after remove it. Your IE should be like the first time before you access to the Webcam.

You may try to re-enter your webcam to download your Webcam IE plug-in program.

Remember, click YES to install it.





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