How many ways connected remotely to NZE DMRS

1. There are 2 ways that you can physically connect to NZE DMRS remotely

A. through internet
B. through telephone

2. A. Through internet

You must join a internet service provider (ISP) like AOL, AT&T or Earthlink.
They will provide you a connection to the internet by paying them $20 per month.
After you have a connection to the internet, then you can connect to NZE DMRS through the internet.

There are many ways to log-on to internet. Another way to say it is different ISP will provide different way to help you log-on to internet.

3. B. through telephone

You connect NZE DMRS to a regular telephone line.
Remotely then you can use a regular computer to make a regular telephone call to NZE DMRS.
When NZE DMRS know someone is calling in, it will answer your call. Once your call was answered, then you are connected remotely to NZE DMRS through this telephone line.
Start remote viewing.



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