Select From Wired, Wireless, Self Recording, Body Worn and Economy. Also Custom Built.

wireless hidden cameras

Wireless Hidden Cameras

With the most advanced wireless technology, our cameras not just give you high quality pictures, but also the most longest range in the industry. Most are WiFi interference free. Note to our customers, CCTV Wireless means that the Video-Audio signal is transmitted through the air. It does not mean there are no wires. A power wire is some times needed. If the covert product normally plugs into the wall for power, then the power for the covert unit is inside, out of view. If you need your unit to operate on batteries, then choose our battery powered section!

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self recording hidden cameras

Self Recording Hidden Cameras

If you looking for the best of the best. Look no farther. Largest selection of self recording, self contained covert cameras in the world. Camera with built in DVR. Built with the highest quality cameras available and with the award winning Crow, StealthCam. Slueth, SecureShot, Vdomain MemoCam and Ivigil. Most units will record on SD cards up to 32 gig. Our All In One Hidden cameras are the best you will ever find. We will also custom build one to your specifications. Best used for customers who only need covert security without the need of a security company installer.

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new ip wireless hidden cameras

Wireless IP-WiFi And Self Recording

Our newest selection. In addition to ALL-DIGITAL transmissions (which eliminate wireless interference), we're now excited to introduce that our covert video products are now available with an IP Receiver and NightOwl IR receiver! With the NightOwl IR receiver, this hidden camera also records in full color during the day and at night switches to black and white video, and records clearly even in 100% total darkness, up to 30 feet away!

Check out what makes an IP reciver so special.

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wired hidden cameras

Wired Hidden Cameras

Wide selection of pro grade wired hidden cameras, a tiny hole is all that separates these items from the real thing in most units. Sony CCD Hi resolution Chip set camera boards are used by Home Spy when building your covert camera selection. Day-Night camera is an option added with one of our IR's and you have a see-in-the-dark hidden camera. Wired cameras in this section should be selected by a customer that already has a recording device, such as a DVR, Because our wired units do not have a recorder. Wired units are usually at a lower price, all you do is plug into power source and your recorder.

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wireless hidden cameras

Self Recording Battery Powered

No more power cords required! Our totally portable camera selection can quickly be placed in any location without the worry of AC outlets or extension cords. . With our exclusive copyrighted micro PIR motion activation system, One year battery standby mode. Units are built as they are ordered, allow build time when ordering. These are custom built at time of your order. Also at this link is a selection of mass produced lower quality battery powered units. Be sure and read the battery life time before ordering.

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wireless hidden cameras

Body Worn Hidden Cameras

Top quality covert cameras that may be concealed on the body and carried or set down for the best camera view. Built with the latest CCD and CMOS technology. Color, monochrome low light and wireless available. High quality wireless units also available here.

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economy grade hidden cameras

Economy Grade Hidden Cameras

If your budget is tight or you must have the lowest bid, we have a large selection of low cost products, both in wired and wireless sets. In this section the cameras are CMOS chip set and the lines of resolution are 380-420 TV lines, with lux ratings as high as three. The quality may be compared to that of a cell phone camera.

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* Note: Wireless in our industries does not mean "no wires". It means the video or audio is sent from transmitter to receiver by RF waves. Please read the product description or call us with any questions. 

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