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Bosch Outdoor Color PTZ Camera
Qty: Price: $2699.95

  Bosch Outdoor Color Wall Mount Standard Dome Camera

HS Price: $2699.95

Item: HSENVC2460W
Bosch EnviroDome® cameras are the ideal solution for perimeter surveillance, parking lots, perimeters of prisons, schools and industrial sites. Protect even the outer edges of your property with AutoDome®. From snow to sunshine, EnviroDome® maintains peak performance. Small, easy-to-install, weather-resistant package, making it an inconspicuous, effective deterrent. Wide array of options available.

• Digital Image Stabilization
• Privacy Masking & Sector Blanking
• Slow Shutter Control (Frame Integration)
• Rugged Weather-resistant Design
• High Resolution/Sensitivity
• Remotely Configurable




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