Color CCD Bullet Camera
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Sony Color Standard Lens Bullet Camera 380 LOR 0.5 LUX Weather Proof

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  These miniature bullet cameras are perfect for disguising in any setting.  As a leading CCD camera manufacture in the world, all our bullet cameras are water proof.  It may be mounted in just about any object such as a clock, book or lamp; and it also can be used as an outdoor camera for any standard purpose because of its waterproof feature.  The cameras come with standard and pinhole lens.  They are so tiny and are  they are virtually undetectable.  The B/W camera has 420 lines high resolution and remarkable low light sensitivity of 0.01 lux at F:1.2.  The power consumption is only 100mA.  It is perfect for portable use with battery power (9 to 15V DC).  The color camera has 380 lines high resolution with a low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux.  It requires 12V DC.  It is great for covert indoor and outdoor use, such as stores, banks, and even police cars or any surveillance vehicles.  It can also be mounted on the wall, ceiling and hallway. 




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