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KPC-500 Pinhole Lens


Mini B/W CCD Square Camera
Qty: Price: $99.95


B/W CCD Mini Pinhole Lens Square 540 LOR 0.5 LUX

HS Price: $99.95


Idem: HKPC500P  
  This is the smallest camera with case and audio in the security market.  This size is only 25 x 25 x 14mm for pinhole lens (3.7mm) and 30x30x30mm for standard lens (3.6 mm).  The lens is built on the case to allow the size to be this tiny.  It provides Super Sharp Image.  It has a high resolution of Hi-Res 540 tv lines and a low illumination of 0.01LUX at F:1.2.  It has a wide range of working application.   It also comes with BNC connector and mounting bracket.  Just plug and play.






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