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The Eagle PLUS™ is the most versatile 2.4 GHz wireless video system on the market today. While delivering high resolution, full motion video up to four miles line-of-sight, the Eagle PLUS also offers features that make it much more than a wireless video system. As with the Falcon PLUS, the Eagle PLUS is capable of transmitting two channels of audio or single-channel audio along with two Virtual Wire™ contact closures. Sensors, alarms and detectors can be wired to the transmitter to take advantage of this feature. In data pass-through mode Eagle PLUS functions as a wireless, single-direction data transmitter that can provide mono audio transmission while passing RS232 at data rates from 1200 to 9600 baud with provisions for RS422 and RS485 through the use of our optional LC485/422 module. Using the data pass-through mode it is possible to control PTZ cameras.

The Eagle PLUS also features a proprietary Secure Standby mode which, when enabled, allows the system to go into “sleep” mode until an alarm input is detected. This feature saves power in battery-dependant (or solar powered) applications and it also eliminates all radio-frequency output, rendering the system undetectable to frequency monitoring.

The Eagle PLUS™ is FCC and Industry Canada approved and requires no path license

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Trango Eagle Plus Four Mile System
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