A quick note to our first time customer.

Hello, My name is Tegan. I am the U.S. regional sales manager for Home Spy. Before you purchase your CCTV security camera system. I would like to speak to you.
Every customers security needs can not just be picked and boxed in a generic package.
You need specialized information to make a wise decision and that's where I come in. I'm here to help you with just the right type equipment.
There are so many variations of cameras, such as indoor outdoor, overt, covert. Just the covert camera alone might grey your hair with all the choices.
I promise, if you call, I will give you all the time you need to achieve just the system for you business or home.
And, save you, your hard eared money at the same time.
My office hours are M-F 10:00AM-5:00PM CDT. 1.800.586.9575
At the very least, you will gain a friend.
Waiting on your call.