MD-Ring - Ring Shaped Wand Metal Detector

Use by security professionals for years, this security wand is ideal for keeping your event secure. Perfect for concerts, schools, restaurants or bars this one simple device can help to ensure that whatever your hosting remains a safe environment. Simple to use all you have to do is wave the wand along a person and the scanner will alert you to any potentially dangerous devices that may be on the person. Peace of mind is just a wand wave away. This particular model also has the option to vibrate instead of produce sound, a feature you wont find in many models on the market today.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Audio and vibration selection
  • Built in wrist strap helps prevent losing the device
  • Can operate via rechargeable battery (Not included)

Technical Specs

  • Power supply: 1 9V battery (Not included)


  • 1 MD-Ring
  • 1 Instruction booklet


Ring Shape Metal Detector
Qty: Sale Price: $99.95




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