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Chances are that by now you may assume that a camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) built in to a fully functional pen already existed, but not quite. However, groundbreaking nano technology has made this intriguing idea a delightfully intriguing reality! Our DV640B Audio/Video Recording Pen is a high quality, stylish and fully functional pen. But looks can be very deceiving, because this pen also conceals a 1 mega-pixel video camera and DVR built right into it's top! You simply push one button and digital video begins to record onto the built-in 4GB memory chip. Simply slide the pen apart and you expose a USB port, making the fast download and charge of the device very simple. A compact built-in battery cell delivers power for three hours on a full charge, putting the possibility of recording two hours of streaming video quite literally at your finger tips! This device opens the door for a wide range of once unimaginable tasks, from covertly collecting evidence all the way down to recording a lecture from your favorite professor while jotting notes, the incredible DV640B is the tool for the job!

4GB memory
Up to 30 hours record time
Supports Windows 98/98se/ME/2000/XP/MAC OS/Linux
Video compression AVI
Clear quality At 1 Mega Pixel
USB 2.0
Re chargeable Battery Via USB Cable ( included )
Up to 2 hours of recording time

USB cable
A/C Adaptor
Instruction manual





Ink Pen Camera With 4g DVR
Qty: Price: $159.95

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