GPS Spark Nano Tracker with Extended Battery and Case

The GPS Spark Nano Tracker is the most versatile GPS Tracker on the market. Its ultra small size and excellent service plan this tracker can be utilized in many instances. With the extended battery and splash proof case, totally self-contained, this device can track for up to 6 months! Track the unit in real time from any computer anywhere in the world. DIY or professional there is no complicated installation and set up.

Tracker with SIM card installed
Tracker installed in the splash proof / extended battery case Carry case
2 Ac Adapters


Automatic Goefence, Speed, low power and motion text or email alerts
Online tracking location from any computer at any time
Water resistant and durable
Location data every 5 minutes
International tracking
Track up to 6 months
Rechargeable battery charges on USB or Ac adapter
Complete online reporting with secure login
Easy to use online interface
View online with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
3D maps from Google or Microsoft
Print or download data


GPS Spark Nano Tracker
Qty: Price: $449.95




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