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Marihuana Test
Qty: Price: $39.95


Detect Now - Marihuana Test kit

HS Price: $39.95

Idem: DNM
  Home Drug Test Kit "Detect Now"

"Detect Now" is a confidential home drug test kit. Available for testing marijuana and hashish, each kit contains ten tests. The only test available that allows freedom to test a person by testing his/her surroundings, "Detect Now" gives you total control to make the decisions. With "Detect Now", you can test anytime, anywhere, with or without the knowledge of the person being tested and without third party involvement (such as laboratories). "Detect Now" will identify trace amounts of a drug deposited on surfaces such as desktops, bathroom counters, computer keyboards, car interiors, clothes, books, backpacks, etc. "Detect Now" is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.




Testing Directions (Read very carefully): Caution: Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact rinse immediately with water. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Step 1. Remove one (1) collection paper from the collection book. Peel the plastic protective layer from the collection paper. The exposed side of the collection paper will be used to collect the test sample (try not to touch the exposed side with your fingers).
Step 2. While holding the collection paper at the edge, rub the suspected surface area to maximize the amount of material to adhere (stick) to your collection paper.
Step 3. Shake the aerosol spray marked "M1", remove the cap, and spray a few bursts (2 or 3) on the side of the paper you collected the suspected material. Always point the spray away from your face. Make sure most of the spray hits the target of the collected side of the paper. Immediately shake the aerosol can marked "M2", remove the cap, and spray a few bursts directly on the same spot where you sprayed with the first aerosol can marked "M1". If positive for marijuana, reddish brown spots will appear within the first five (5) seconds. If no reddish brown color appears in the first five (5) seconds, the test is negative. The reddish brown spots will closely match the color of the "M" on the aerosol can. (Note: A yellow color change is not a positive reaction, unless there are also reddish brown spots.)
Step 4. If the results are negative, discard the paper, attempt to collect traces of material in other places. A positive result only means that there may be a presence of drugs. This presence is not 100% confirmation that the person is using drugs, but it is confirmation that a presence of drugs is probable and further testing by a professional is the next step to confirmation.

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