RF LINK 5.8GHz Audio Video Wireless System


Home Spy is proud to offer the new 5.8GHz AV Image to our customers. For years you have waited for the price to be affordable. Now, wait no longer. FCC part 15 approved for general use. No license required. 300 plus feet may be obtained right out of the box.


  • Work with digital TV converter box, send AV signal to any TV in any room.

  • Wirelessly transmit AV signal from Cable, Satellite, TiVo, DVD player, computer… to any TV.

  • Work with camcorder as a wireless surveillance monitoring system.

  • IR extender controls source device remotely.

  • Local area broadcasting of AV programs from single source to multiple receiving units.

    • Compatible with digital TV converter box, send TV signal to any room wirelessly.

    • Advanced 5.8 GHz technology avoid interference from any 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz application such as Cordless phone, 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Microwave oven, etc.

    • Wirelessly transmit vivid video and hi-fi stereo sound from Cable set-top box, Satellite receiver, DVD, VCD, LD, VCR, and Computer… to any TV, Monitor, or Projector.

    • Wireless transmission of hi-fi stereo to any active speaker.

    • Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers even in different rooms.

    • Transmitter can be used in conjunction with a camcorder or CCD camera to produce a wireless surveillance system.

    • For transmission capability, the signal is able to penetrate thru. walls, and transmission range is up to 300 feet with clear line-of-sight.

    • 4 user selectable channels allow multiple transmitters to work with receivers in different areas.

    • Built-in IR remote extender allows user to remotely control the audio/video source in other room.

    • Support both NTSC and PAL standard.

    • Easy set up, simple plug-and-play.

    5.8GHz Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Set
    Qty: Price: $149.00

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