Sport Shades Covert Camera With Built In DVR Recorder


If you're a professional or even an amateur private investigator then you should already own a high-end, pocket sized, portable, easily concealable DVR like ours. The Sun420 model glasses allow just that much more secrecy to your operations. These sunglasses look no different from any other athletic glasses. They fit nicely around the ears, nose, and eyes. Chances are you may wear the glasses without the DVR. The Sun420 glasses are specifically designed for active spies, and spy's that like to venture out on sunny days when most other spies would not dare go out due to risk of being caught. Just take a moment to consider, if you have a 640x480 @ 30 frames per second (FPS) 420 line DVR, you need a camera that is capable of recording video at close to the same video quality. There are older models of camera sunglasses in the market that will produce a respectable 350 lines of resolution but those cannot compete with our 640x480 model. What they lack is the quality of video that the active spy needs. Introducing the SUN420, the best camera sunglasses in the market!


Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels @ 30 FPS

Compatible with any of our 420 line DVRS

Very comfortable

Powered via DVR only, so you never have to buy batteries for this product



Total pixels: 640 x 480

Minimum illumination: 0 Lux

View Angle: 360 degrees

Battery working time: 4 hours

Image resolution: 640 x 480 pixels at 30fps

Power supply: DVR via a single plug

Color configuration: RGBLi

Battery charging time: 2 hours


1  Pair of sunglasses
1 Pair of spare lenses
1 DVR Plug




Covert Sun Glasses DVR
Qty: Price: $149.95

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