HomeSpy Thermostat Covert Wireless Camera System 900MHz

Part # HH-THERM-100W

Thermostat with built in Covert Hidden Black and White or Color Camera. Blends into any environment. Solution for any room any where! The view is straight out. 90 Degree wide view, 3.6mm pinhole lens , Non-working thermostat , Includes matching crystal control digital readout receiver Two 12vdc Power Supplies included. Covert pinhole lens gives 90 degree field of view. Sony video chipset 600 lines, 0.01 lux with CCD imager and automatic step less 1/60-1/100,000 second electronic shutter will give you years of trouble free video performance. Note: Thermostat Plastic case may vary! Note: This unit does not record  to it self. See our self recording section or call for your needed spec's. We will custom build to your needs. Hookup is easy. Simply plug in the 12vdc power adapter to thermostat and the unit is transmitting video to receiver. On the other end, plug the video receiver into your recording device, such as a DVR or VCR and record away! Note: Style, shape and brand may change from picture above.


Thermostat Covert Wireless Camera BW
Qty: Price: $299.00


Thermostat Covert Wireless Camera Color
Qty: Price: $299.00


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