HomeSpy Emergency Light Covert Wireless Video 900MHz Camera System

Part # HH-EL-110-W

This user-friendly emergency wall light camera is effective in many commercial applications to uncover employee theft issues. Place it near your back dock door and you might be surprised at what you will find. It works equally well in hospitals, educational facilities, government agencies and hotel hallways. This product is an ultra miniature video camera hidden inside a real emergency light, required by many cities. The camera is completely undetectable! It provides direct output connectors for video to any DVR or monitor. The B/W camera has super sharp image with 600 lines of resolution and 0.01" lux super low light sensitivity. The color model has a color DSP camera with 550 lines and 0.05LUX. Very easy to install, just plug and play. Ideal for monitoring hallways, doorways, exits, entrances, etc.
Emergency Light Wireless Covert Camera BW
Qty: Price: $294.00
Emergency Light Wireless Covert Camera Color
Qty: Price: $344.00

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