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Part # HH-LS

This new loudspeaker camera is one of the most inconspicuous concealments we offer. You’ll get near undetectable video surveillance for offices, warehouses, retail outlets and more. Camera is mounted inside the cone at an angle unlike other models which use a mirror for camera angle. This provides the perfect view without the inverted image of the older style. The loudspeaker is fully functional with our HH-LS-B mounted in the cone. The B/W version offers an incredible 600 lines of high resolution with 0.02 lux with a field of view of 92 degrees while the color camera offers an incredible 550 lines of high resolution with .05 lux with a field of view of 92 degrees. This is a great product to add to your security system to watch warehouse and manufacturing productivity! If you don't have a system yet? Call our office and we will help customize one just for you!



Loudspeaker Covert Camera BW
Qty: Price: $185.00


Loudspeaker Covert Camera Color
Qty: Price: $195.00

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