HomeSpy Portable Wireless Book Covert Camera


Part # HH-BOOK-W

The HomeSpy wireless book camera is another one of the classic covert cameras. This average looking book is loaded with a high resolution color Sony CCD pinhole camera that provides nearly undetectable concealment. The 900MHz transmitter in the book will send a crystal clear video feed to the included receiver up to 700 ft away. A battery pack as well as a power plug is included with the book as well so powering your camera is never a problem. Please note that the spy book does not record as is. If you are looking for a book cam that records, we can do that too. All you have to do is call us.


Book Covert Camera B/W Wireless
Qty: Price: $295.00


Book Covert Camera Color Wireless
Qty: Price: $345.00

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