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Pencil Sharpener Covert 900MHz Wireless Camera System


Black and White Part # HH-BL1106B-W     Color Part # HH-BL1106C-W

Electric pencil sharpener covert camera hides in plain site in any office environment. side view camera captures entrances or targeted areas perfectly in clear 600 line black and white, color 550 line high-resolution video. Choice from wired or wireless models. High quality Hi-Resolution Sony DSP CCD camera. Wired units, sharpener works. Wireless models the sharpener is non functional. 600 lines resolution with 0.01 lux. Color has 550 lines and 0.5 lux. Please note this unit does not record! You need a DVR or some type of recorder. We offer a full line of self recording spy cameras. Click here for main page! Unit was developed for customers that have a security system with recorder already. the 900mhz transmitter will NOT interfere with any other device in your home. Also wifi will not interfere.  


Pencil Sharpener Covert Wireless Camera BW
Qty: Price: $248.00

Pencil Sharpener Covert Wireless Camera Color
Qty: Price: $298.00


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